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Polcynk Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wielkopolska 7
26-600 Radom, Polska
NIP: 796-26-15-688
Polcynk Sp. z o.o. -the elements/ the parts and steel constructions.


The main field of buissnes Polcynk Sp. z o.o. is the production of the parts and steel constructions
We also deal with a anti-corrosion securityi:
  - Hot dip galvanizing to DIN EN ISO 1461,
  - Powder painting,
  - Tradicional painting

Currently We produce:
  - Structural steel halls,production and storage,
  - Supporting structures of over head contact linej,
  - Steel structures and components for the energy sector,
  - Constructions of telecomunications towers and masts,
  - Structurs and components of technological lines,
  - Railings and barriers,
  - Other designs made for an order.

We operate throughout the European Union.

Rich experience of our staff and wide group of companies cooperating makes Polcynk Sp. z o.o. able to accept almost every order to ensure deliveries on time and highest quality product..
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We are in the
Konsorcjum Stali SA group