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Polcynk Sp. z o.o. -the elements/ the parts and steel constructions.

Polcynk Sp. z o.o. is a company which produce the parts and the steel construction. We employ about 120 people. We have 5 500 m2 production hall.

Founded in 1997, initially company was specialized in the production of the steel parts for the road sector in Poland. Investing in people and machinery expansion allowed us to expand our buisness by fuhrter markets such as: - industrial building - the energy sector. Throught the implementation of EU standards and the application of modern technology, we ware abke to gain the trust of major companies througout the European Union. Currently , Our products reach the markets of Polish, German, France, Spain, Sweden, and the group Norwegian. A join of the Steel SA Consorcium in 2009 significantly expanded our warehouse and hardware facilities, allowing the implementation of large and long-term contracts. The greatest achievement of 2010years was to obtain from the Building Reserch Institute Technical Approval No. AT-15-8116/2010 the"Steel gates and  catenary poles" Untill today We are one of the most important producers catenary support structures. Extensive experience of staff and held certificates guarantee a high level of quality and service

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Polcynk Sp. z o.o.
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